Sunday, August 27, 2006

Resist Meta Man

Evolutionary biologists are discussing whether we have passed or will be passing the next evolutionary big step.* Resumé of big steps so far - according to evolution: 1.) self reproducing molecules join hands in protocaryatide cells; 2.) those in eucaryatide cells; 3.) those in many celled animals; 4.) ants, bees and maybe now men join hands in hives; 5.) not to mention that all the train companies ruined by Vanderbilt, all the petrol companies ruined by Rockefeller and so on were bought up by the capitalists who ruined them - unlike the other steps one that has really been ascertained.

If humanity becomes a hive, it is termed a ”meta man”. Of which men all over earth, domestic animals, machines, buildings, textiles, satellite communications all over the globe are organs, just as DNA inmitochondria, mitochondria in our cells, our cell in ourselves. The final steps to meta man would include: a) mankind stopping wars between its men, b) mankind regulating the procreation of men, c) the development of a consciousness of mankind, that is really the consciousness of noone in particular, reached by immediate majority votes on the smallest details of things which in their whole are beyond - or are put beyond - single men. This last step is supposed to be a parallel to the human consciousness being the consciousness of no brain cell in particular, only the sum of all brain cells in general.

But this is not what human consciousness is, man being - unlike brain cells and majority votes - endowed with reason, and it will not work like this for ”meta man”. The elimination of wars and the central control of human fertility - on lines suggested by Monsanto seeds, that will grow and yield fruit only for one generation, after which next year’s seed will have to be bought from Monsanto - this will, if at all, not happen because all humans vote through these losses of independence, case for case, though it could be fooled into voting through the principle or a seemingly reasonable application of it in a panicked situation: no, this will, if at all, be controlled by an elite that considers itself to be for mankind what the brain is for a single man.

The simile between man and his organs on one hand, society and its men on the other, is ancient. So is the simile between a leg that has to be amputated for the good of man and a criminal that has to be executed - maybe hunted down first - for the good of society. It was older than the Church and it was used by both Christ and St Paul about the Church: the parallel to execution being excommunication.

The problem begins when the simile, a biological picture for non-biological things, is introduced into biology and taken for the biological principle for a new animal. When birth, food, security of life or death of individual men all depend on the BIOLOGICAL needs of a single animal humanity that is fiction - or a misused concept that parodies and hides the real biological needs. Would you like to be ”amputated” - killed, starved or sterilised - because you did not dedicate yourself whole-heartedly to serve the hive?

Resist ”meta man”. Resist the beast.

*source: an article in the German P. M. Magazin, issue of January 2005:

On Creation vs Evolution creation_vs_evolution by hieromonk ambrose high mp3


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And links to this here page.

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And links to a page dedicated to Chesterton and C. S. Lewis on same theme:

Is man a myth? C. S. Lewis on the Abolition of Man

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